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About Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire, also known as Classic Solitaire, is considered to be one of the most popular card games in the world. This simple yet challenging game has been attracting players for generations. The objective of Klondike Solitaire is to build the cards of a standard deck from the Tableau into the Foundations by suit and in ascending order.

Klondike Solitaire Rules

Klondike Solitaire is played with a standard 52-card deck. At the beginning of every game, seven piles are dealt to the Tableau. Each pile has one more card than the previous one. There is only one faceup card in the first pile, one facedown and one faceup card in the second pile, two facedown cards and one faceup card in the third one, and so on. Above the Tableau are the Foundation piles, as well as the Stock and the Waste piles.

Follow these rules while playing Klondike Solitaire:

  • The lowest cards in the game are Aces, and Kings are the highest.
  • Build sequences on the Tableau in order to turn the facedown cards or unblock the faceup cards. Sequences can start from almost any card, except for Aces, and should be build in descending order with alternating suit colors. Sequences can also be moved between the piles on the Tableau.
  • With any of the piles on the Tableau, you can only place a King or a sequence starting with a King onto it.
  • When there are no available cards on the Tableau, you can introduce new cards to the game by drawing them from the Stock pile.
  • A game is won when you succeed in building all the cards into the Foundation in the right order and following the suit pattern.

Free Klondike Solitaire: Benefits of Playing Online

Playing Klondike Solitaire is absolutely free, and it is easy to access! Play it on your PC or laptop anytime. If you are planning to travel or would like to continue playing the game away from your home, download our mobile version to your Android or iPhone device and play Klondike Solitaire anywhere!

Klondike Solitaire can be played online, and it includes several helpful features, such as an Undo button, Hints, and an Auto-solve option. You can also track the number of moves you make and the time that it takes to win a game!

Playing Klondike Solitaire online may help you challenge your mind and exercise your patience, memory, and problem-solving skills. It is also a good choice for players who just want to unwind during or after the daily grind.

"Klondike Solitaire is a time-tested classic game that has been incredibly popular among the millions of players all around the globe for decades. With the online version of this game, you don't have to deal the physical cards yourself, but you can still fully enjoy the process of playing this timeless classic game!"