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Free Online Solitaire: The Classic Card Game

Welcome to Solitaire.net, the ultimate destination for playing Solitaire online for free. Enjoyed by millions around the globe for decades, Solitaire is one of the most popular classic card games ever. It's many people's top choice for keeping their minds active or unwinding during short breaks or after hard days. Brought to you by game experts from a top developer, Solitaire.net will provide you with hours of entertainment! Play Solitaire to test your skills and relax!

How to Play Classic Solitaire Game

Solitaire is a single-player game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The goal is to move the cards from the Tableau to the four Foundation piles in ascending order, from Ace through King, sorted by suit. The game is won when all the cards are built into the Foundation.

A classic Solitaire game has the following setup:

  • Foundation: the four piles at the top of the table. Aces are the lowest cards in the game and Kings are the highest, so Aces should be moved to the Foundation first.
  • Tableau: the cards of the main table. It consists of seven piles of cards. The first pile has one card, the second pile has two, and so on. The top card of each pile is turned face up, while the remaining cards are face down.
  • Stock (or the Hand Pile): the pile of cards in the upper right corner. Solitaire players can use these cards to bring them into play when necessary.
  • Waste (or Talon): another pile in the upper right corner of the table. These cards are not playable at the moment.

To uncover the cards on the Tableau, Solitaire players should create sequences among the seven piles in descending order with alternating colors. For example, King of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, 10 of Hearts, and so on. Sequences can be moved to other columns if the first faceup card matches the descending pattern.

When you move a faceup card from one pile to another or to the Foundation, you unblock a facedown card, which you can play later. If you are left with an empty pile on the Tableau, you can move a King to it. Note that cards cannot be moved from the Tableau to the Stock or Waste.

The Solitaire game ends when all the cards are moved to the Foundation in the correct order.

Solitaire Tips

Here are some useful tips to help you win as many Solitaire games as possible:

  1. Aces should be moved to the Foundation as soon as possible.
  2. It's always a good idea to unblock the facedown cards first, whenever you have a chance to do so. It will give you more options to move cards around the table while playing Solitaire.
  3. Don't rush to put the first available King on an empty pile on the Tableau. Take a look at the faceup cards first and consider what King suit and color will be more helpful in the future.
  4. Use the Undo button whenever you feel stuck in a Solitaire game or are not sure what the next move should be. Take a step back and try again.
  5. Remember that you can put cards back from the Foundation to the Tableau. Sometimes this can help solve a seemingly unwinnable game.

The World of Solitaire Online

At Solitaire.net, we offer a classic version of the Solitaire game. We have added several useful features to the game, such as Undo, Hints when you are unsure what to do, and Auto-solving for situations when all the cards have been uncovered already.

Can't play on your desktop right now? No worries, we've got you covered: Our game is available to play both on desktop and mobile devices. Enjoy a game of Solitaire whenever you want and wherever you are!

Why Play Solitaire?

Our version of the classic Solitaire game offers familiar rules, design and features. Join hundreds of millions of Solitaire players around the world for endless fun!

Train your patience, memory, and logic skills. Think ahead, improve your strategy, and become a Solitaire master!

Play this classic game to unwind, relax, or simply kill some time when you feel bored and tired. This simple yet challenging Solitaire game will definitely keep you entertained for hours!

Take a break to train your brain with classic Solitaire!