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Spider Solitaire: 4-Suit Version

4-Suit Spider Solitaire is the most challenging and exciting variation of this classic card game. It adds an extra level of complexity and difficulty, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an intense experience and an opportunity to utilize their strategic skills to the fullest.

4-Suits Spider Solitaire Objective

The goal of 4-Suit Spider Solitaire is the same as in other versions of the game: to clear the tableau by arranging the cards in descending sequences from King to Ace. As always, the setup for 4-Suit Spider Solitaire consists of two decks of 52 cards each, totaling 104 cards. The cards are laid out into 10 tableau columns: the first four columns contain six cards each, and the remaining columns have five cards each. The top cards in the columns are face-up. The rest of the cards form the stock pile at the beginning of the game.

In 4-Suit Spider Solitaire, the difficulty lies in managing four different suits simultaneously. This means you must pay attention to sequences and moves for each suit individually. It requires careful planning and strategy to create and maintain sequences for all four suits.

How to Play 4-Suit Spider Solitaire

4-Suit Spider Solitaire has the following rules:

  • The top cards of the 10 tableau columns are available to be played.
  • When you move the top card from a column, the face-down card right below it will be flipped over and can be played.
  • Players can build descending sequences with cards of any suit. For example, you can put a 6 of clubs on a 7 of any suit.
  • Even though sequences can be built regardless of suit, groups of cards can only be moved as a unit if they are arranged in descending order and share the same suit. Only the top card in a sequence can be moved if the card below it is of a different suit.
  • Utilize empty columns strategically to create new sequences or make room for other moves.
  • When a player draws cards from the stock pile, 10 cards are placed into the tableau columns, with one face-up card for each column.
  • If you have an empty column, you will not be able to use the stock pile. You will need to place some cards onto the first.
  • Arrange all four suits from King to Ace. When a sequence is completed, it is moved to the foundation.
  • The game is won when all eight possible sequences are completed and moved to the foundation.

Tips for Success

To improve your chances of winning, here are some tips:

  • Prioritize building sequences of a particular suit.
  • Take your time when filling empty columns and carefully assess your situation in the tableau. For example, if you place a King into an empty column, the only way to remove it is by then completing a sequence of the same suit.
  • Try to flip as many hidden cards as possible to give yourself more opportunities.
  • The stock pile should only be used as a last resort when no other moves are available. The 10 cards dealt from the stock pile to the tableau are unpredictable and may potentially block the sequences you have been building. Be cautious when relying on the stock pile.

4-Suit Spider Solitaire offers a thrilling and engaging card game experience. It requires concentration, strategic planning, and a bit of luck. Challenge yourself, sharpen your card skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing sequences and winning the game.