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What is Three-Card Solitaire?

Three-Card Solitaire, also known as Klondike Turn 3 Solitaire or Draw 3 Solitaire, is a popular variation of the classic Solitaire game. The objective of this game is the same as in regular Solitaire: build the whole standard deck of 52 cards into the Foundations, starting from Ace through King. The difference is that players draw 3 cards at a time from the Stock, instead of only one.

How is 3-Card Solitaire Different from 1-Card Solitaire?

The key difference between Three-Card Solitaire and the traditional One-Card Solitaire is that in Turn 3 Solitaire players must play every third card from the Stock. The game becomes more challenging. It requires you to think ahead before making every move and make strategic decisions more often. The limited number of moves makes this game even harder, so this mode is enjoyed by more advanced players.

Whether you are an experienced Solitaire player or just a beginner, Turn 3 Solitaire has a small tweak, which makes it more fun and challenging. It can bring players hours of entertainment! Can you beat the odds and win in the harder Draw 3 Solitaire? Give it a try!