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How to Play Spider Solitaire

How to play Spider Solitaire — Rules and Instructions

Spider Solitaire is a captivating card game that has been enjoyed by countless players around the globe. If you're ready to embark on a solitaire adventure that combines strategy, skill, and a touch of luck, then Spider Solitaire is the perfect game for you. Depending on the variation of Spider Solitaire (1-Suit, 2-Suit, or 4-Suit), the rules and difficulty of winning the game vary. Let's explore the main concepts, rules, and variations of the game.

Objective: The goal of Spider Solitaire is to clear the tableau by arranging all the cards into complete decsending sequences, from King to Ace, within the same suit. Once a sequence is complete, it is moved to the foundation.

Setup: Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of 52 cards, 104 in total. The cards are initially dealt into ten tableau columns. The first four columns have six cards each, and the remaining six columns have five cards each. The top card of each column is face-up, while the rest are face-down. The remaining cards are stored in the stockpile, and can be introduced into the game later.

The variations of Spider Solitaire differ in the number of suits used. In 1-Suit Spider Solitaire, only one suit, typically Spades, is used. Players aim to complete 8 sequences from King to Ace of that particular suit. This game type offers a simpler and more relaxed experience, as you only need to focus on building sequences in one suit.

In 2-Suit Spider Solitaire, two suits, Spades and Hearts, are used. Players need to create sequences from King to Ace, 4 sequences using cards from Spades, and 4 sequences using Hearts. With the addition of a second suit, this game type becomes more challenging as you have to manage and build sequences for two suits simultaneously.

The 4-Suit variation of Spider Solitaire is played with all four suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. In this version, players must form two sequences from King to Ace using the cards of each suit, resulting in a total of eight sequences. This game type offers the highest level of challenge. Managing and building sequences for four suits requires careful planning, strategy, and attention to detail.

Moving Cards: In Spider Solitaire, you can move cards between columns in descending order, regardless of suit. For instance, you can place a 7 of Hearts on top of an 8 of Spades in 2-Suit Spider Solitaire. However, when playing 2-Suit or 4-Suit Spider Solitaire, keep in mind that you can only move a group of cards if they are in descending order and of the same suit. This means you cannot move a sequence like 6 of Spades, 5 of Hearts, 4 of Spades.

Building Sequences: The primary objective is to create complete sequences of cards from King to Ace within the tableau columns. A sequence can be of any length, as long as it is in descending order and of the same suit. When a full sequence is built, it is automatically moved to the foundation piles.

Empty Columns: Throughout the game, you can create empty tableau columns by moving all the cards from one column to another. Empty columns provide more space for maneuvering and allow you to strategically rearrange cards.

The Stockpile is located in the top-right corner of the screen. If you reach a point where there are no more possible or valid moves, you can deal additional cards from the stockpile. One card is dealt to each tableau column, which means that by using the stock, you introduce 10 new cards to the tableau. These cards are placed face-up on top of each column. It's important to note that the cards will not be dealt if you have one or more empty columns. To utilize the stockpile, you must first place at least one card in each empty column.

Winning the Game: The game is won when all the cards have been successfully arranged into complete sequences and moved to the foundation piles.

Spider Solitaire is a challenging and strategic card game that requires careful planning, foresight, and decision-making. It's a great way to test your card playing skills and enjoy hours of entertaining gameplay. Play Spider Solitaire online for free, and have fun mastering the art of the famous card game! On Solitaire.net, you can choose the game type that suits your skill level and preferences. Enjoy the thrill of arranging cards, building sequences, and challenging yourself in the captivating world of Spider Solitaire!