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How to Set Up Spider Solitaire: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Set Up Spider Solitaire - Step-by-step guide on Solitaire.net

Spider Solitaire is well known as a brain-training card game that's both challenging and strategic. If you're looking to exercise your brain and test your card skills, Spider Solitaire is a satisfying card game that will help you achieve your goal. In this guide, we'll help you learn how to set up three types of Spider Solitaire: 1-Suit, 2-Suit, and 4-Suit. The set-up is very similar, but each game has its own challenges and requires different levels of skill. You'll learn how to place cards of the tableau and how many cards you need for each pile to play a Spider Solitaire game. Let's get started!

1-Suit Spider Solitaire Setup

Step 1: Deal the Tableau

If you're new to Spider Solitaire or prefer a more relaxed experience, the 1-Suit version is an ideal choice. First, shuffle a deck of 104 cards. It may seem that you simply need two standard decks without Jokers, but that's not quite true. The thing is that to set up and play 1-Suit Spider Solitaire, all cards should be from one suit - usually Spades. Basically, you need to have 8 cards of each value from the same suit: 8 Aces of Spades, 8 Kings of Spades, 8 Queens of Spades, and so on.

Dealing starts with the tableau. You need to create ten piles of cards in a horizontal row. You can start by dealing one face-down card per pile.

spider solitaire set up

Then keep dealing the cards, placing them face-down, until there are 6 cards in each of the first 4 columns on the left, and 5 cards in each of the other 6 columns to the right.

spider solitaire set up

Turn over the top card on each column, so that they are face up. The tableau is ready.

spider solitaire set up

Step 2: Prepare the Stock Pile

The remaining cards become the Stock pile. They're placed face-down above the tableau. Throughout the game, you'll draw cards from the stock pile when you're unable to make any valid moves. Be careful using this pile, as it sends 10 random cards to each stack on the tableau at a time.

spider solitaire set up

Step 3: Prepare the Space for the Foundations

Up at the top right or left corner, clear some space. This is where you'll place the eight Foundations. The Foundations are the piles where you'll move the complete sequences to win the game. Once you've created a sequence facing up from King through Ace, move the sequence to the spot above the tableau.

spider solitaire set up

Congratulations! You're all set to start playing 1-Suit Spider Solitaire.

2-Suit Spider Solitaire Setup

For players looking for a bit more challenging game, the 2-Suit version introduces an additional layer of difficulty. Two suits are used in this version, usually Spades and Hearts. The set up for 2-Suit is pretty much the same as for the 1-Suit version of Spider Solitaire, but you'll need 52 cards from one suit, and 52 cards from the other. Simply put, you need to have 4 cards of each value from one suit, for example: 4 Kings of Spades and 4 Kings of Hearts, 4 Queens of Spades and 4 Queens of Hearts, 4 Jacks of Spades and 4 Jacks of Hearts, and so on.

To set up a 2-Suit Spider Solitaire game, put the cards in the same way as in the 1-Suit Solitaire version, using the same number of cards and arrangement. Place piles of 5 cards on the right and piles of 6 cards on the left, with the top card in each pile face-up. Check the 1-Suit version's setup for guidance.

spider solitaire set up

4-Suit Spider Solitaire Setup

For the most daring and experienced players, the 4-Suit version is the ultimate challenge. Be prepared for an intense mental workout and an opportunity to showcase your expertise, and also make sure you have plenty of time to finish the game!

In 4-Suit Spider Solitaire all four suits are used, so to set up a game you'll simply need two standard decks without jokers - 104 cards in total. There will be 2 cards of each value from the same suit: 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 2 Jacks, and so on from each of the four suits - Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs. When setting up 4-Suit Spider Solitaire, follow the same process as in the first two versions.

spider solitaire set up

To sum it up, now that you know how to set up a Spider Solitaire game. Whether you really like it or just want to try a new card game, the different types of Spider Solitaire have something for everyone to enjoy. Challenge your mind, improve your strategy, and have fun solving this interesting card puzzle. As you start playing Spider Solitaire, remember what you've learned and have a great time!